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Poseidon Pellets

Poseidon Pellets™, formerly identified as Phosflow™, have been collaboratively developed with the U.S. EPA through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). These pellets efficiently adsorb phosphate from water upon contact, employing a straightforward and environmentally friendly process. Composed of naturally occurring and sustainable mineral materials, the pelletized product is non-hazardous, insoluble in water, and poses no toxicity to aquatic plants and wildlife.


This versatile solution can serve as a filter media to extract phosphate from diverse environmental sources, including lakes, streams, drains, and channels. Furthermore, it proves effective in treating wastewater effluents, encompassing municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewaters. The simplicity of implementation, coupled with its eco-friendly attributes, positions Poseidon Pellets™ as a valuable tool in addressing phosphate-related water quality concerns across a range of environments.

Poseidon Pellets Data

Poseidon Pellets formerly Phosflow pellets

Solving nutrient pollution.
It took a little bit of genius.

Poseidon Pellets require no capital or structural investment and can be accomplished at low cost, making this system viable for almost any company or community. If you’re responsible for keeping a body of water healthy and vital -- whether for consumption or recreation -- you owe it to yourself to learn more about Poseidon Pellets.

Our pellets are effective for agricultural runoff, wastewater and stormwater management, waterways restoration, and even aquaculture.


Posiedon Pellets require no capital or structural investment. They're affordable, reusable, and remarkably simple.

Poseidon Pellets Ag
Poseidon Pellets soil amendment


 Poseidon Pellets can be reused as a slow-release soil amendment.

Affordable, Simple, Effective

Poseidon™ is versatile and has been used in a variety of applications to capture excess phosphate from water. After collecting information on parameters such as volume of water, flowrate and phosphorus concentration, our team can recommend a solution to meet your water quality goals. When phosphorus in flowing water is the problem, Poseidon is the solution.

Phosflow Pellets

• Poseidon, a pelletized product, is made from naturally occurring and sustainable

mineral materials.

• It is non-hazardous, insoluble in water and non-toxic to aquatic plants and wildlife.

• It can be implemented as a filter media to remove phosphate from a variety of environmental matrices such as lakes, streams, drains and channels.

• Poseidon can be packaged into a variety of vessels and chambers as well as water permeable containers such as boom netting, gabions, and filter baskets, depending on application.

• Poseidon has a high phosphate adsorption capacity (~ 81 mg/g), long service life and once saturated it can potentially be recycled as a soil amendment.

• It can also be used in wastewater effluents including municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewaters.

Contact time is relative to adsorption.





Isotherm Testing

Poseidon Isotherm Testing
Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 2.41.11 PM.png

Posei Pellets

Time in minutes

Phosflow Pellets and Poseidon Pellets isotherm testing

Physical Properties

Adsorption Capacity:  81 mg/g

Bulk Density:  38.6 lb/ft3

Particle Size Range:  2.3 - 6.3 mm

Color:  Off-White


Poseidon Pellets Markets

Poseidon Pellets
& Salt Water

The effectiveness of Poseidon Pellets in adsorbing phosphate remains unaffected by the salinity of the water.

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