Frequently asked questions

Poseidon Pellets will adsorb phosphorus and reportedly ammonia. Will there be a preference to one over the other?

Phosphorous and ammonia are equally preferable to the pellets and there is no preference of one over the other. It has a Molar ratio of 1:1:1.

What other minerals or metals are adsorbed with pellets?

The pellets will only adsorb ammonia and phosphorus.

Does water temperature affect adsorption rate?

It does not. However the pellets have not been tested in extreme temperatures.

Does the pellet have a coating or is the entire pellet able to adsorb molecules into the pellet?

It is the entire pellet.

Do you have a lb/lb stoichiometric estimate for pellet demand for both ammonia and phosphorus?

We have seen a very high concentration of ammonia and phosphate removal in lab conditions, and in real-time. We are quoting 40 mg/gram material.

What was the role of USEPA in your product development?

The concept was developed at the Federal EPA and the patent assigned to Water Warriors.

What forms of phosphorous and nitrogen are being absorbed and reapplied as fertilizer?

The material adsorbs dissolved phosphate, and ammonia then releases phosphate and ammonia over time(2-6 months) in the fields.

Is the product some sort of polymer that absorbs certain types of nitrogen and phosphorous?

It is not polymer-based material. It is inorganic based material and safe to use.