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We’re here for the water. We’re here for the streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans. We’re here for the Mississippi, Colorado, Columbia, Great Lakes, coasts, and communities. We’re here for the fish, farms, and factories.

We’re here to provide the beautifully simple, incredibly efficient solution that removes the nutrients from runoff that’s polluting and choking our waterways.

We’re here to treat water, life's most precious resource, how it should be treated.



Poseidon™ high capacity water treatment pellets, a patent-pending innovation from Water Warriors, adsorb phosphorus and ammonia at an impressive rate. The process is brilliantly simple. Contained in plastic baskets or mesh bags and submerged, water flows through the pellets  and leaves the phosphorus behind. Once the pellets reach nutrient capacity they can be used as fertilizer, returning the phosphorus to the land, a responsible re-use of a diminishing resource.


Developed through a CRADA agreement with the Federal EPA, Poseidon Pellets work in two distinct application systems: In mesh bags for smaller projects, and longer, tubular bags for larger bodies of water. We also offer tubular bags of Poseidon Pellets encased in an open-cell foam wrap and screen for sediment removal. They’re remarkably effective for agricultural runoff, wastewater and stormwater management, and waterways restoration.

Poseidon Pellets require no capital or structural investment and can be accomplished at low cost, making this system viable for most any company or community. If you’re responsible for keeping a body of water healthy and vital -- whether for consumption or recreation -- you owe it to yourself to try Poseidon Pellets.

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