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Removal of Phosphate (Phosphorus) From Water

Water Warriors Florida

Water Warriors 

Water Warriors is focused on making the world's water supply safer and cleaner through innovative, new products designed to revolutionize how water professionals remove harmful nutrients from water.


Our solutions are versatile and scalable from very small to very large applications and offers multiple avenues for nutrient reuse.


Nutrient pollution is one of our most challenging environmental problems, resulting in compromised water from our smallest stream to our coastlines. It’s a menace, impacting human health, and causing millions of dollars in damage.

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Phosphorus removal
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Think small. Pellet small. 

All the water that will ever be and has ever been is the water here now. Considering water is life, it’s time to reconsider how we treat the water we use every day. 

In the past, removing harmful phosphorous, ammonia, and nutrients created by water use in agriculture, industry, aquaculture, and urban environments was an expensive proposition. Worse, a lot of times the problem is just pushed downstream, creating more significant issues for our nation’s rivers, lakes, and oceans.


These nutrients are feeding the harmful algae blooms that are choking our waters. Look at The Gulf or even that mucky pond at your local golf course for a prime example. This nutrient pollution is a problem that also impacts community health. Nutrient pollution in groundwater, which millions of people in the United States use as drinking water, can be harmful, even at low levels.


It’s a massive issue that affects us all. And big wastewater and budget-hungry politicians want you to think it takes massive investments to capture all these harmful nutrients that are destroying the only water we’ll ever have. But what if that’s not true?


What if there were simple, small solutions to this big problem? What if we could capture this phosphorous and other nutrients, nutrients that are vital to nearly all plants?


There is now.


At Water Warriors, we took our passion for clean water and renewable resources and combined them into one tiny but mighty pellet.


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